Saturday, December 15, 2012

Family Christmas {2012}

Tonight the fam celebrated our Christmas before we head to our grandparents this coming Friday. :) We always eat a special dinner, but this year it was different. Since some of us hate the Christmas soup we've had for the past bajillion years, Mom made two soups and Meg and I ate the soup that everyone else wasn't eating! :) Then we read the Christmas story, which is so special, and then we open up presents.

And I just realized that I never posted a Christmas wishlist this year. My bad, sorry y'all! Well what I really mainly wanted were brown combat boots... and whadya know? I got 'em!!!! Sooo many outfits are being planned in my head with these babies. :)
hehe Hans & Mack, look what I got!!! :) Surprise, surprise!

Me with all my gifts. :) (Mack, yours are in there!)

{What I got In a Nutshell}

- one mustard yellow beret hat

- three scarves

-one pair of brown combat boots

-liquid brown eyeliner

-Scotty Mcreery Christmas album

- pearl necklace with earrings

- $10

- two pairs of patterned tights


Tomorrow is Sunday, so I'll be attending church and then... Christmas party at SNL tomorrow!!!!!!!! Can.Not.Wait. Good times ahead, to be sure. :)

Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. I love Scotty Mcreery! He has such a nice voice! :-) Merry Christmas.. hope you have a great holiday!

  2. AW, love the boots! And of corse the Scotty Mcreery cd!! that's awesome! you have got to show it to me sometime. ;)

  3. You guys all look Soo coozy and cute!!! And I love ur outfit miss Manda!!! Love you!!! Have an amazing Christmas!!!! ~Mack~

  4. Looks like you had a good Christmas!! Hope you have a good rest of your break:)



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