Monday, December 10, 2012

Benefit Concert 2012

This past Saturday and Sunday, was my church's Benefit Concert called 'the Dawn of Salvation'. My mom sang in the choir and my sisters Meg and Lis; Hans and her younger sister Meghan, and I all helped serve refreshments in the lobby beforehand. Good times. :)

//Saturday's outfit//

//Hans, Katie & I. Love you gals!!//

//Besties forevs. Me & Hans.//

After the concert the fam gathered with our Chinese students (see this post)
and we had dinner with them. We got to hang with Sarah and Abby, friends of ours, for the meal. Oh what a blast!!

//eating with chopsticks is sooo hard!//

//candy-canes + 5 girls  = trouble//

//SISTERS FOREVS. Sunday night. L-R: Meghan, Hans, Lis, Meg, Me & Allison//

In all, I had a wonderful time being blessed by my church family and getting to be with my friends. (And even Spencer was fun hanging with, I must admit! Even if he is slightly annoying.) ;)

::listening to: 'Long Black Train' by Josh Turner::



  1. Aww this is so cute :) I had so much fun working with you Saturday!!! Can't wait for Refresh!!!

    1. Me too! It was a lot of fun! Oh yeah, Refresh is gonna be amazing!!!

  2. Aw,great pictures Manda!! :) It was super fun, being able to help out in the church with you! See you Friday hopefully!


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