Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st Post of the Month {December}

Can you believe its here already? December? Soon to be Christmas in like three weeks?!?!? I can't.

This past Thursday was my high school choir's Christmas concert. Instead of having it in the high school gym like we usually do, our choir director decided to have it in the church auditorium, which everyone loved wayyy more!! It felt more like a concert. :) Here are some pictures, and one video my mom took of my favorite song.

//Me and Andrew//

Can I just say that everyone (the girls) hate the dresses we have to wear? They are like from the '80's and absolutley horrendous. I always say I feel like an old lady going to a funeral! :/

//Emily, me & Sarah//

//Emily, Natalie, me, and Sarah//

//what i wore today to ring the salvation army bell at the mall. #servicehours.//


And I was going to post a video of my favorite song 'Sure on this Shining Night' that Mom took, but its not working. So sorry!! :/



  1. I love all the pics!!! You are sooo cute!!!!! And our dresses are the same Sept they feel like nuns outfits!!! ~ Mack~

  2. I can't wait for Christmas!!! It's so exciting. LOL. Congratulations on your choir concert. I'm sure you guys sounded amazing!!! :D


  3. aw, looks so nice! i'm sure you all sounded so pretty!

    love ya!

  4. Aw Christmas concerts are always so fun... I used to be in ours every year back in America. Lots of good memories!

  5. Hey, Amanda!
    I just responded to your comment on Marie's blog, just so you know. :) I know how to do the hairstyle you liked. ;)


  6. Hi Amanda,

    I have to say I love your blog header, and your title is really cute. Also, I don't think the dresses were that bad.... Well maybe. lol Glad you had a fun time!

    Mrs. Prz.


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