Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shawn & Derek's Journey {DWTS:All Stars}

I don't know if any of you are Dancing with the Stars fans. The only reason I'm one is because of Shawn Johnson (with  Mark Ballas on Season 8) and with Derek Hough for this past AMAZING All Stars season!! I watched every dance they performed this season and every single dance blew me away. Derek's coregraphing is fabulous and the two of them together is just crazy AWESOMENESS! I'm sooo sad the season is over, and even though #TeamShawnough came in 2nd place, in my mind they were the real winners.

So, enjoy this video made by a fan that Shawn retweeted! It shows all the highlights and greatness that were Shawnough.

Now excuse me as I go teach myself the Bangra...


*p.s. i would just like you all to know that I do not condone with some of the dance moves played out on the floor, and I don't condone with most of Shawn's outfits for DWTS.*


  1. I though Shawn and Derek where amazing together!

  2. She is a great dancer! I loves watching her in both of her DWTS seasons :-)


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