Sunday, May 12, 2013

Friends' Performance {You Can't Take it With You}

Hello everyone!!

Last night I got the privilege to attend two of my good friends' homeschool drama production of 'You Can't Take it With you' starring Jimmy Stewart in the film. Hans and Allie did an amazing job! I so wish I had a video of their swing-dance routine because it rocked the house, but sadly I don't! Just watching them made me wanna learn how to swing dance! haaha Okay so onto the pictures. :) I didn't get any from the performance, but that's okay. Allison or Hannah might post about it on their blogs, and since it was their performance, I'll let them show you the pics from the actual play. But here are just some pictures from afterwards. :)

*my girlies. love them with all my heart! <3*

I am soooo crazy proud of Hans and Allie, and everyone else in the play! They were all amazing and going to see the play was one of the funnest nights I've had in a long time!!! Thank you Jesus for letting me go! :)

Do you enjoy going to plays? What was one of your favorites? Did you like these pictures?


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