Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ready for Summer {Maxi Skirts}

I think I would wear a maxi skirt every day of the summer if I had more of them!!! I love these long flowy skirts! They are so breezy and cool. Here are just a few looks I found on Pinterest that I fell in love with. I hope you like them too!

Speaking of summer, I only have one full week left of school, then its just finals for three days straight, a half day, and then I'm free! And a senior. That is soo scary, you guys!!! Can't believe I've only got one year left of high school!!!! :)



  1. Oooh now I want to wear them! The last one is so pretty

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  3. Love maxi skirts so much! They're sooo comfy and pretty. Hope your Monday is a happy, blessed one friend :)

    Love u!



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