Thursday, May 30, 2013

Senior Photoshoot {for summer 2013}

Sooo I'm gonna be a senior in just one day! ONE DAY! That is like, soo scary!! :/ haha So my uncle is taking my senior pics this summer, and I'm going with a country theme, cuz of course, I'm a country girl at heart! lol So here are just a few to get my inspiration going! :)

*all pictures via pinterest,, and*

As you can tell, I have a lot of Taylor Swift and Shawn Johnson pictures!! haahaha I just love all of Taylor's photoshoots because so many are country-themed, exactly what I'm going for! And Shawn's an Iowan girl like me, so her pictures were ones I liked too. lol


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  1. They all look realy cute and you will make them look better!!! The black and white could have been taken by my gmas creek!!! It is terrifying isn't it :( I finaly think I might know what I want to do how though!!! Love ~mack~


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