Tuesday, May 7, 2013

You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

Just a few extremley precious things that have made my day today! :)

Recieved this sweet little gift of a note and homemade cookies from my darling girl Hannah today!! Like, seriously, can she get any sweeter?? Friends that pray together, stay together!

Saw this on Facebook and basically melted into a puddle!! Soooo adorable!!

I love them. I really, really, really do. They are adorable, and they have the biggest hearts for Jesus! Going on Sadie's twitter, I am always encouraged by what she posts!! #DuckDynasty #Awesomeshow #Hugefan #BroandSisinChrist

What has made you smile today? Share about a sweet blessing from the Lord today, in the comments below!! :)



  1. Oh, I love cookies! :) to answer your question, the only other way that I know of is to follow by email (the button is on the side). You just type in your email address and you will get emails when I post something new. :)

  2. haha! It's fine! No one will see your email address, not even me. Everything is going to be the same, just GFC (google friend connect) will not be.

  3. Yes, everything is staying the same. People just won't be able to follow by GFC anymore.


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