Wednesday, May 18, 2011

oh.... what to blog about?!?!

I have "A Love That Will Last" from PD2 stuck in my head.

I wanna go live in a castle by the sea, just like Cair Paravel.

I am fascinated by messy buns. :)

I'm dying for a pair of wedges, and for a floral printed sun dress.

I have recently fallen in love with leather skirts.

And now I have to go eat! ta ta!



  1. You would look very cute with the Wedges and floral print stuff

  2. hey, did you know in that pic of GG, that's her mom Helen, the blonde lady, behind her!!! hahaha

  3. Her mom's name is Helen? HAHA. I didn't know in the movie when Tumnus is like "You're a daughter of Eve?" And she goes, " mum's name is Helen.." LOL! I wish I lived in Cair Paravel. xD

  4. I flip out whenever I see pix of GG, and her parents are standing in the background. Same with vids. I watched a vid last night of the Narnia cast meeting the Queen of England at the VDT ROYAL premiere in November, and I was like, "That's Helen! That's Mike! That's Helen! Hey guys, look, there's GG's parents!!!!" LOL


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