Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring Gala - Blog Party!!

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hehehe I'm actually ENTERING into one of these blog party things. :)

So here goes:

1. IF YOU COULD GO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, WHERE WOULD IT BE? England!!!! Of course, you say. :)

2. WHAT IS THE OLDEST ITEM YOU OWN? Oh man, I'm not sure.... ummmm, prolly a turquoise necklace from my grandma who is deceased.

3. IF YOU HAD TO PICK ONE HERO, WHO WOULD IT BE? Ermmmm, probably Amy Carmichael. She's my favorite missionary.

4. IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ANY THREE PEOPLE, LIVING OR DEAD, WHO WOULD IT BE? My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, then probably, ohhh, I don't care if its not just three!!!! I'm gonna say my three closest friends: Mackenna, Celeste, and Phil. :)

5. WHICH DO YOU LIKE BETTER? COKE OR PEPSI?  To be honest, neither. I'm not that big on Pop.

6. WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE - CHOCOLATE OR A COOKIE? Chocolate, definitley chocolate!!!

7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON?  Hmmm, prolly spring or summer. But oh how I love autumn, too!

8. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT SPRING? Prolly the rain showers. But I love all the gorgeous flowers, too!!!!

9. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC? Southern gospel, by far, is the best music E.V.E.R.!!!!! I've grown up with it, and it truly is the best.

10. WHAT'S YOUR FASHION/PERSONAL STYLE?  Hmmm, well, because I absolutley ADORE the 40's, but I still love some of the modern trends and styles, I'd have to say a mixture of modern and vintage. But I like classy, too. I just don't have a lot of very classy type of outfits. I need to work on that......

Y'all should join up!!!



  1. Cool post! I enjoyed reading your answers. ;)

  2. thanks, for making me someone to have dinner with...I guess we could eat :)

  3. Phil,

    yup, you're welcome! Oh, but we CAN NOT forget drinks! Hawaiian Punch with RockStar. Remember?!? Those were the good 'ole days. ;D

  4. yeah that stuff was kind of disgusting, but good at the same


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