Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wakey Wakey Cheesey-cakey!!!!

(Mac, remember when you used to say that to me every morning of Jr. High camp??? LOL)

Hi everbody. It. Is. SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I have a few cheers and whistles!??!?! Oh ya. 

Anyhoo, *exhales* I just got outta the shower and am going to get ready for *HOPEFULLY!!!* a day of riding with my cousin!!!!!! If the weather holds out, and I'm praying like mad that it will, I'll get to get my first taste of riding in an English saddle. Wow, sorta nervous, but really pumped all the same. My cousin is learning how to jump today, and I can be all like, "Ha. I beat you at flying. I did it camp! What now, SON?!?!" Sorry, had to say that. Goodness, I totally sounded like a class mate of mine. Yikes, not cool. 

This Saturday and Sunday, THE FAM (yes, we're capitalized, cuz we're that awesome. Just kidding) is/are going to spend the weekend with my relatives. So pumped! And now I have to go. We'll try and remember to take some pix, so I can share with all you lovelies. ta ta, and have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

Love and cheesey grins,
Manda :P

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