Sunday, November 25, 2012

Unexpected Findings

Wal-Mart has treasures, you just have to take the time to look.

I know a lot of people who think Wal-Mart is gross and for only poor, low-down people or whatever, and that's NOT true!! I also know many people who shop at Wal-Mart for practically everything, and its almost like their second home (my family is like that!). :) You can find REALLY good deals there.

So this afternoon my mom and I went shopping, to return a sweater my grandma had gotten me for Christmas but it didn't fit. (We did Christmas with my dad's parents after Thanksgiving this year because we won't see them for Christmas.) So we went to return it, and in exchange found two pairs of colored jeans my first ever pairs!!! and a gray and black leapord beret. JUST LIKE GEORGIE HENLEY'S.

Yeah you betcha I was flippin happy!!

//my deep apple-red jeans//

Oh, and I already have my Christmas Day outfit planned based off these ^^ jeans!

//my eggplant colored jeans//

//my amazingly awesome Georgie hat look-alike!!!//

So that's my most recent haul, I guess. :) I usually don't have a pocket full of money, but today I did!

What are some recent purchases you've bought and loved??



  1. Super Cute Manda! I want to get a pair of cute colored jeans too! :)

    Today, I went and to the new Forever 21, (which is awesome btw) and i bought a super cute hat for winter snow camp!! I am so excited! :)

  2. Love all of that stuff! I would love to get some colored jeans too they are so cute.... Yea, I was telling one of my friends that I am always going to walmart with a big family like ours with so many boys we go through a lot of food and groceries fast so I guess walmart is our second home to:)

    Hope you are having a lovely day dearie....


  3. Ohh, awesome clothes!

    I know this is totally random, but I look at your blog a lot and I like it. :D And from past posts I understand that you really like Liam Hemsworth. Am I correct, or was that just a passing fad?

    If you still do like him, I was wondering: what do you think of his engagement to Miley Cyrus? Think they'll work out or not? :) Just curious.

  4. Hey Manda! It's been long for talking to ya...but anyway, cute pic with you in your hat:) i've been loving scarves recently.


  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love these coloured jeans and am surprised I don't own many! It's hard to find ones that are short enough :P I love the hat! You look very pretty! xx

  6. Awe, you are so cute!! I am always so cheered when I get a comment from you and I decided that I was gonna come give your place a visit ;) I am in *love* with those pants. Seriously. I have always wanted a pair, I am still looking for the perfect fit though..Looking forward to more of your posts!

    J.P. Photography

  7. I noticed your hat this morning at church... cute! :)

  8. You are so cute! And you can find some good steals at Walmart, I must say. I really like the hat. It's like the same as Georgie's!! Speaking of Georgie, I haven't heard too much from her. I think she was acting in another movie, but I don't know when it comes out!


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