Monday, March 11, 2013

Confessions {cuz its been awhile}

Hey guys! So I thought I'd do another Confessions post since its been quite some time since my last one. :)


1. I'm not sure why, but I have been extremley tired for a few days now. To the point where I feel like I'm in a daze walking around school, sitting in classes, like a zombie. Mono went around our school a month or so ago. I'm praying that's not what I have! But of course, there's not really any possible way for me to have gotten it... ;)

2. Okay, I gotta admit that the TV show Dancing with the Stars is kinda my guilty pleasure. BUT I wanna say right now that a lot of the dance moves can be quite inappropiate and pretty much all of the ladies' outfits are never modest. Those things I do not like, and DO NOT condone with, but I love seeing the partners grow closer to each other thruout the season, and some of the dances are just plain freaking awesome. (Hello KnightRider Bangra!!! #TeamShawnough!) DWTS: Season 16 is premiering a week from tonight and I'm rooting for Team Mark Ballas & Aly Raisman, and Team Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough!!! I hope these four make it to the finals!

3. I have been exercising for about a month now and I have lost 5 pounds!! I know its not much, but its got me pumped and motivated to continue to exericse and do my best at eating healthy! :)

4. I just watched a really good movie the other night. Its called "Phar Lap" and yeah its about an Australian racehorse and his loyal stable boy. Minus the cussing, I think its a new favorite.

5. I am dying dying dying to go down South!! I am itching to! After reading 'the Chance' by Karen Kingsbury last week and finishing it (it was AWESOME!!) reading about Ellie and Nolan in Savannah, Georgia just makes me pine for some southern summers!!

6. I can't stop listening to 'Back on the Ground' by Scotty McCreery. Its.So.Darn.Good.

7. I love this verse: "The Lord is my rock, and my fortress and deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." - Psalm 18:2a

8. I just had a great time chatting with my bestie Mack on FB tonight! Miss her... she lives too far away!

9. I am missing my other bestie Hans this week! She's off on vaca and I haven't seen her in 2 weeks! But God blessed her and her family with a great get-away trip and I know they're having an amazing time!! But I can't wait to see her again and smother her with hugs!

10. I serve an amazing God. He is truly all I need. My prayer, my heart's desire, is to let Jesus be all I need. Ever. To the point that I live and breathe the glory of my Redeemer, my Savior, my Lord... Jesus.



  1. I hope you don't have mono. I have had it for over a year now(and no I did not get it by kissing someone...haha:) Loved this post!


  2. I like DWTS too. :-) Ballroom dancing is just fun! Derek and Mark are the best on there, love their dances!!! :-)

    PS and yeah you can get mono other ways than kissing. ;)

  3. Mada I have now watched the past four seasons of dwts I love it I watch it with my gma ;) I love Derek he is one of my faves!!! And I miss you toooooooooooo!!!! We do live so far away :( I loved talking to you last night though!!! My uncle.and aunt (Andrew and Amanda) are moving to Georgia we should meet up down there :p ~Mack~ love you!!!!

  4. I love this post! And the part about the South.... I live in Idaho but I'm moving to The Dixie State this summer! My brother lives in Savannah, Georgia with his family (just thought that was some cool free information ;))


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