Thursday, March 7, 2013

Never Content

You guys, I feel so stupid. I'm always changing my mind when it comes to my hair. Whenever the impulse hits, I go out and do something about it! Now I wanna cut my hair short and get highlights. Soo I'd like your opinion! Should I cut my hair????

 *this is my school pic back in 2008-2009*

 So I am sorta leaning between these two pics. I am in looove with Lauren's hair below, with the deep side part and side swept bangs. But I think I look a little bit better with shorter hair & layers...

*lauren alaina when she chopped off her long hair in early 2012*

HELP! What should I do!?!? I am going to be getting my senior pictures taken this coming summer, but I don't care if I have long or short hair.

Soo I'd love it if you guys would tell me what you think! And don't be afraid to call me stupid and impulsive, cuz I am!! lol

Thanks y'all!!



  1. lauren a's hair is cute, and it'd look cute on you, too! <3

  2. so cute! you'd rock it :) you look amazing now tho! :)

  3. Love either one...And you are not stupid, at all. Hmmmmm.....Maybe you could keep your length and get side bangs? Have you ever seen Carrie Underwood when she had side bangs and long layers, if not you should look it up. It is super adorable!

    Anyways, however you look at it, you are gorgeous!

    Love ya,


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