Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Day, and also Jesus' birthday! Wow, its come so quickly! This morning the fam opened our presents and ate caramel rolls and had an egg/sausage/cheese breakfast casserole. Sooo yummy! My grandma made my two younger sisters aprons, and guess what the colors were? Aqua-blue and brown!!! They are polka dotted, and my sisses love 'em! :)
So pumped for tomorrow. We're going to  my cousin's house and staying the day there, I think. I've changed my Christmas Day outfit a few times. Since I got this adorable gray vest this morning, I'm going to wear that with a long sleeved purple shirt and my AH-MAZIN gray boots I got from Target. I could wear those boots all day. THey are soo comfy! It is snowing like no tomorrow outside right now. Goregous. We did get a white Christmas! Hoping to watch "White Christmas" later. I LOVE that movie. Its got Bing Crosby  in it, who rocks. Oh, and "Holiday Inn" is a pretty good movie too. Bethany, what did you think of it? I love old movies, they are so clean and wholesome and good. AND, you can't beat the ladies' outfits. The girl who plays Linda Mason in this movie has such cute outfits, and they're all so modest. Bing Crosby and her make a cute couple too. Well, ttul


  1. I'm actually not a huge fan of older movies...but I guess it depends on the movie. I think my family is going to do presents tonight and also go to the Christmas Eve service at church.

    Then sometime next week, we're going to Wisconsin to visit family and after that I have bball practice. I'm so excited because we play Janesville and Dunkerton after break!! And we can beat them:) Have a great Christmas!


  2. Bethany,
    you too! see ya later.


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