Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dawn Treader!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so we have this inspector guy coming to look thru our house today becuz we pretty much sold our house, andddddddddddddddd............. Dad suggested we go see the Dawn Treader in theatres!!! Ohmystars, I can't wait! I'm praying hard that its a for sure thing. Wouldn't that be freaking awesome! Yep yep yep!!!!! :)
So, I got like six hours of sleep after staying up ALL NIGHT with my amazing youth group, and oh wow! You shoulda seen me and my three closest friends. Laying on the floor of the lobby, my best friend is trying so badly to get some sleep, and I was trying too, but then, my friends Ellayna and Bethany kept talking, and I just busted out laughing. I couldn't help myself. I was sooo stinking tired, I was like half aware of what I was doing. To sum it up, I was like a zombie, walking the halls with my friends and exclaiming, "Oh, its soo sad that only two people who graduated from our school/church have died!"
Hey don't judge us. we.were.exhausted. ;P
I love you guys sooooo much! Good times, great memories!

Manda <3

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