Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't mind me.... I'm ramblin'

I am dying for a HUGE bag of beef jerky.Filled to the top with huge, thick, tender chunks of jerky. My twin got a big bag of the stuff for Christmas, and I keep begging him for "just one more piece." But, I'm not doing too well, becuz he's only let me have two slices. Oh well. I guess I need to take a jaunt over to Dollar General and get me a bag. :)

Today after church me and Mom went shopping for some boots for her. Finally after like, not kidding, the fifth or sixth store, we finally found a great pair with a tough, durable bottom that she can tromp around in the muck and snow with. (Great for our vending business. Yuk!!) I ran into a girl I played volleyball with (Vanessa L., if u must know) and then we headed home. I really love to shop, but after awhile, I get tired. I read a book this year about these girls who were addicted to shopping! (No, I've never watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic), and I don't think I want to. I don't know how anybody could get addicted to shopping! ;)
Oh, our first stop was Target, and I was mainly looking for big rings. I found one that was only like 8 bucks, but Mom said it was too "gaudy" or something. I thot it was adorable!! And it looked good on my finger too. Well, then we went to Gordmans and I got two rings: a silverish-black one that I'm wearing right now, and a turtle-shaped ring I named Teddy. He is ADORABLE!!!! I should take a picture and share it on here. Maybe I will....... well, I think that's all, so bye bye!

Manda <3

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  1. Hey! I love to shop too and find good deals. Anyway, I'm excited to visit my grandparent's house tomorrow and then on the way back, we're going to stop at the Mall of America! And Ikea too!

    Hope you're having a great Christmas! Toodles:)


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