Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remember the Titans

OKay, I LOVE this movie! Me and my sisters are watching it right now, and its amazing, to say the least. I love the brotherly relationship between Gary and Julius. I always get soo sad at the time when Gary get's paralyzed and Julius comes in to see him at the hospital. Also, Emma is really cute!
Anndddd, I love Denzel Washington! He is awesome! hehe And the coach's little girl (the blonde, curly-haired one, can't remember her name) is ADORABLE!!! She is so fiesty and hilarious.
I love it when Denzel's oldest daughter in the movie comes over to "play dolls" or something with Sheryl (ya, that's her name) and Sheryl throws the basketball at her, and the little black girl steps outta the way. She holds up her hands and is like, "I just did my nails". hehe So cute! Well, ttul
p.s. i love this guy to death! HILARIOUS! >>>>>>

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  1. Yeah, that's one of my favorite movies too! It's very inspirational and can get you pumped up for a game.
    Anyway, have a good new, it's gonna be so weird with it being 2011 and then being a Senior I have a ton of stuff to think about.



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