Friday, December 31, 2010


Hey everyone!

So, just chillin out at home on my Netbook, working on my story. I just started it today..... working on a title........
Went on Facebook, and saw a pic from Staff Retreat. Soooooo sad I couldn't go. I saw Erik, Phil, Jeremy, Jesse, Micah, Ian and Ryan in the pic. Oh, and Emma, sitting against the wall!!! Love that girlie to pieces. <3 xoxo

So...... not really sure what the plans are for the rest of the day. Helped my dad start packing up some stuff that weren't needed. Andrew has a friend over right now, Casey. Yep. Researching stuff about Kenya, for my story. I need to go to the library.......! Well, I think that's all. Sorry for the ramblings. I'm quite bored right now. LOL


New Years Day!!!!!

Hi everyone! Can you believe that 2011 is almost here?!?!!!?!?!? For me, its almost unreal! But this year has been amazing for me, I've learned so much, and I'm determined to grow closer to God in this new year!! I've finally started doing devos for the first time in a LOOONG time, I'm reading Ruth, which I haven't read in a while, and its really interesting. It just amazes me how Ruth was determined to go with her mother-in-law, even though she didn't believe the same as Naomi did. Btw, I love the name Naomi. Its so pretty! :) Anyways, I'll post more later about tonight!

Have a blessed day and a wonderful New Year!!!


Manda <3

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remember the Titans

OKay, I LOVE this movie! Me and my sisters are watching it right now, and its amazing, to say the least. I love the brotherly relationship between Gary and Julius. I always get soo sad at the time when Gary get's paralyzed and Julius comes in to see him at the hospital. Also, Emma is really cute!
Anndddd, I love Denzel Washington! He is awesome! hehe And the coach's little girl (the blonde, curly-haired one, can't remember her name) is ADORABLE!!! She is so fiesty and hilarious.
I love it when Denzel's oldest daughter in the movie comes over to "play dolls" or something with Sheryl (ya, that's her name) and Sheryl throws the basketball at her, and the little black girl steps outta the way. She holds up her hands and is like, "I just did my nails". hehe So cute! Well, ttul
p.s. i love this guy to death! HILARIOUS! >>>>>>

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*Character Profiles*

Hi everyone!!!

So, after I do some research and stuff, I'm going to be writing a story about this girl who's older brother goes to either Kenya or somewhere in Europe, to be a missionary there for a year. And while they are separated, they write letters to each other. I'm not sure how its going to turn out in the end, but hoping that it will be interesting and not boring to the readers!! I wrote out the character profiles today, and I'm posting them on here. 


-Age: 12

-Height: 5' 31/2"

-Hair Color: red-brown, long, loose and wavy

-Eye color: green

-Grade: 6th

-Hobbies: training her Golden Retriever puppy, Josie, gardening, watching movies, listening to music/singing, shopping, riding her mare Princess. And playing piano.

-Is into: southern gospel music, FASHION!! (loves big rings and funky bracelets.) Flowers, horses, and writing. 

-Strengths: trusting God to watch over Ben (older brother) as he's away.

-Weaknesses: missing her older brother so much she get's sick to her stomach.

-Favorite color: mint-green

-Residence: somewhere in the rolling plains of Montana

-Birthday: May 28


Age: 22

-Height: 5' 7"

-Hair color: dirty blonde/light brownish color

-Eye color: hazel

-Hobbies: hanging with Izzie (his sister), playing football, riding horses, hanging with friends from church

-Strengths: being a shining light for God, witnessing.

-Weaknesses: sometimes doubts what God is telling him.

-Residence: in the rolling plains of Montana

-Birthday: December 28th

-Favorite color: blue/red

And that's as far as I've gotten so far. So tell me what ya think!! ttul

And yes, this story has a lot to do with the close relationship of an older brother and younger sister. Here are two pix I'm "usng" for my story, for inspiration. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Big Brothers, Little Sisters.... Contin.

Hi guys! Here are some pix of "big brothers, little sisters". Enjoy!!!
p.s. okay they're all of Georgie and Will/Skandar, but hey! They are soo soo cute together!!!! :)
Manda <3
p.p.s I'm taking Polka Dot's advice and once we move to our new location (whereever that is, I'm making a poster saying something like, "WANTED: older brother. yada yada yada........" and renting an older brother. maybe I'll even buy an older brother!!! LOL whaddya think???

Big brothers, Little Sisters!

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="390" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe>


I LOVE watching big brothers and little sisters together, there is just something about their relationship that is so sweet, and cute. Like Georgie Henley and Will Moseley from Narnia, and other ppl I know. :) Here is a video I've seen on TV that I love! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"That Darn Cat!"


This is probably one of my favorite movies. "That Darn Cat" was made in 1965 and starrs Dean Jones, Hayley Mills and Dorothy Provine as the main characters. Hayley Mills is also in all three "Parent Trap" movies. *ahem* I just found out there was a third "Parent Trap" just this night. Now I r-e-a-l-l-y want to see all three! Maybe if I find the 2nd and 3rd, I can have a movie marathon! Anybody wanna join me???
As most of you know, I think, I only watch old movies and Disney classics, like tonight the fam is watching "Swiss Family Robinson." Its a great movie, but I just recently found out the guy who plays Erenest (spl??) is gay! Or at least he was. I don't know if he still is or not. I hope not!!
and the guy who plays Fritz (James MacArthur) just died pretty recently. Oct. 28, '10. He was 72 years old!

Oh excuse me. I DON'T watch just Disney classics and old movies/TV shows, but pretty much that is all I watch. I've seen bits and pieces of the Bourne movies, and of course all the Narnia movies!! So ya. The fam tries to stay away from movies that have girls dressed immodestly and with alot of swearing and all that. Call us old-fashioned, but that's THE FAM!!! :)
Well, here are some pix from "That Darn Cat!" and also some of Hayley Mills. Enjoy!

Love, Manda

Don't mind me.... I'm ramblin'

I am dying for a HUGE bag of beef jerky.Filled to the top with huge, thick, tender chunks of jerky. My twin got a big bag of the stuff for Christmas, and I keep begging him for "just one more piece." But, I'm not doing too well, becuz he's only let me have two slices. Oh well. I guess I need to take a jaunt over to Dollar General and get me a bag. :)

Today after church me and Mom went shopping for some boots for her. Finally after like, not kidding, the fifth or sixth store, we finally found a great pair with a tough, durable bottom that she can tromp around in the muck and snow with. (Great for our vending business. Yuk!!) I ran into a girl I played volleyball with (Vanessa L., if u must know) and then we headed home. I really love to shop, but after awhile, I get tired. I read a book this year about these girls who were addicted to shopping! (No, I've never watched "Confessions of a Shopaholic), and I don't think I want to. I don't know how anybody could get addicted to shopping! ;)
Oh, our first stop was Target, and I was mainly looking for big rings. I found one that was only like 8 bucks, but Mom said it was too "gaudy" or something. I thot it was adorable!! And it looked good on my finger too. Well, then we went to Gordmans and I got two rings: a silverish-black one that I'm wearing right now, and a turtle-shaped ring I named Teddy. He is ADORABLE!!!! I should take a picture and share it on here. Maybe I will....... well, I think that's all, so bye bye!

Manda <3

Santa hats

Even tho I DO NOT believe in Santa Claus one bit, I love Santa hats. Like this one Shawn Johnson is wearing on Christmas Day. (please excuse the low top. sorry for that.)
I am ALL for the sort of print/design her hat has, that leapord-y look of whatever. Like Georgie Henley's beret hat. Ohmygoodness, LOOOOVE IT!!!!
And, its fuzzy. So cute. hehe

Manda <3

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!!!

Merry Christmas!!! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas Day, and also Jesus' birthday! Wow, its come so quickly! This morning the fam opened our presents and ate caramel rolls and had an egg/sausage/cheese breakfast casserole. Sooo yummy! My grandma made my two younger sisters aprons, and guess what the colors were? Aqua-blue and brown!!! They are polka dotted, and my sisses love 'em! :)
So pumped for tomorrow. We're going to  my cousin's house and staying the day there, I think. I've changed my Christmas Day outfit a few times. Since I got this adorable gray vest this morning, I'm going to wear that with a long sleeved purple shirt and my AH-MAZIN gray boots I got from Target. I could wear those boots all day. THey are soo comfy! It is snowing like no tomorrow outside right now. Goregous. We did get a white Christmas! Hoping to watch "White Christmas" later. I LOVE that movie. Its got Bing Crosby  in it, who rocks. Oh, and "Holiday Inn" is a pretty good movie too. Bethany, what did you think of it? I love old movies, they are so clean and wholesome and good. AND, you can't beat the ladies' outfits. The girl who plays Linda Mason in this movie has such cute outfits, and they're all so modest. Bing Crosby and her make a cute couple too. Well, ttul

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Talk about.... DEPRESSING!! but also amazing!


Today the fam did go see (finally!!!!) the "Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader". And can I say that they made an AH-MAZING MOVIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?! For those of you who haven't seen it: go watch it. N.O.W.

My favorite scene? The ending where Lu, Ed, Caspian, Reep and Eustace (who I grew to love) meet Aslan on that stretch of beach. I LOVE it when Caspian and Ed hug. That almost made me cry. And then when Lucy and Caspian hugged. Oh.So.Cute! Oh ya, and then when Lu and Reep hugged. That was adorable! But I betcha it was hard to do, I mean, Georgie wasn't hugging anything! hehe
(can you tell I LOVE hugs???)
I almost freaked when Caspian walked toward the water. I thot he was just gonna leave. I'm like, "No goodbyes? You're just gonna go???" So ya.

My least favorite scene? The ending where Lu, Ed, Caspian, Reep and Eustace meet Aslan on that stretch of beach. Omygoodness, sooooooo depressing! I felt like screaming at Aslan: "Lu and Ed need to come back! They belong in Narnia!" As well as Susan and Peter. But oh well. I guess all good things have to come to an end sometime. :(

BUT! I can say that I didn't cry, but I came close to it. ;) I'm looking forward to "The Silver Chair" possibly being made. Becuz I love Will Poulter. His eyebrows... oh joy! They are something, aren't they? At least for a guy they are. LOL
Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve, but for me, my days seem all jumbled becuz of the Lock-In at my church. I feel like its Saturday.....
Well, I guess that's all for now. Please leave comments! ttul
Manda <3
the BIGGEST Narnia fan ever!
Also the biggest Georgie Henley fan ever!
And also the biggest Skandar Keynes fan ever!
Okay enuff "ever's!!!"

p.s. I HATE it that they left out the part in the trailer where Susan, Peter, Ed and Lu walk on the beach and they're all serious and stuff. I just realized that when I got home. I am really mad. I wanted to see Su and Pete more than ONCE in the movie! 

Dawn Treader!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so we have this inspector guy coming to look thru our house today becuz we pretty much sold our house, andddddddddddddddd............. Dad suggested we go see the Dawn Treader in theatres!!! Ohmystars, I can't wait! I'm praying hard that its a for sure thing. Wouldn't that be freaking awesome! Yep yep yep!!!!! :)
So, I got like six hours of sleep after staying up ALL NIGHT with my amazing youth group, and oh wow! You shoulda seen me and my three closest friends. Laying on the floor of the lobby, my best friend is trying so badly to get some sleep, and I was trying too, but then, my friends Ellayna and Bethany kept talking, and I just busted out laughing. I couldn't help myself. I was sooo stinking tired, I was like half aware of what I was doing. To sum it up, I was like a zombie, walking the halls with my friends and exclaiming, "Oh, its soo sad that only two people who graduated from our school/church have died!"
Hey don't judge us. we.were.exhausted. ;P
I love you guys sooooo much! Good times, great memories!

Manda <3

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

clothes i would wear

Hi everyone! Here are some pix of my favorite actresses actually wearing outfits I would feel comfortable wearing. I love it when that happens, becuz alot of celebs pick weird, crazy outfits, and most of them aren't modest!

 I love this picture!

I absolutley LOVE Anna Popplewell and Georgie Henley!! Anna has worn MANY outfits that are quite immodest, for example, the dress she wore for "Dawn Treader"'s London premiere. *GAG*!! (i loved Georgie's dress.) But alot of Anna and Georgie's outfits are very modest, cute, and comfy looking. Here are some pix! Enjoy!! and please leave comments. thnx

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good Morning!

Hi all!

Today I got up at seven thirty (ick) and did my devos by the fire, in the fam's wonderful glider-rocker chair. I always do my school in that chair. Wanted to wish everyone a GREAT day, and now, I have to go and start school! ta ta
Manda <3

Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi guys!

Welcome to my blog!
I deleted my blog J.O.Y. becuz I didn't like the thought of people I didn't know following my blog. And even tho I never gave out any personal info except for my name, still, the thot alone just gives me the heebie jeebies. :( I hope that you guys will be faithful commentors, becuz there is nothing that gets me more frustrated/sad/depressed, then when I get NO comments. When I don't get comments, I feel like my blog is uninteresting and boring to the readers/followers. So if you don't mind.... PLEASE.LEAVE.COMMENTS!
I would just like to give you a heads up about the posts I will be blogging about on FTBM.

-Narnia stuff





-Writing stuff, like my latest stories and all that

-My family and friends

Well, there's a Vikings/Bears football game on right now, (can I just say the Vikes are getting creamed?? Go MN!!!) so I'm gonna scram and post more tomorrow. *busts out in "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" from ANNIE movie*.   ttul

Lotsa love and hugs,
Manda <3