Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Questions

1. What is a thing you collect?
-hehe this might sound REAL strange, but whenever i go somewhere, i like to keep the cups/plastic bottles I get on the trip!!! Like last night, for supper, we stopped at a gas station and got pizza and pop. It was one of those cool, "wooden" (but actually plastic, duhhh!!!) RootBeer bottles. It was so cool! And a few hours before that, we stopped at a rest stop and I got this amazingly choclately Hot Chocolate, in a cool CINNABON cup, and on the top, it said SWEETHEART, which I colored in with blue and pink sharpies. LOL

2. A century you wish you could live in?
-everyone prolly knows this, but I would LOOOOVE to live in the 40's or 50's, just becuz of the amazing outfits!!!! :)

3. someone who you wish you could be like?
-my role model, Gerald Wolfe, becuz he's such a man of God, and he's got such an awesome relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. also, my cousin Katie, becuz she knows how to do everything I don't!!!! LOL like cook and stuff. (ok, i can sorta cook, but I really need to just take a day and LEARN.) or more than one day. hehe

4. a song you love?
- "You Are My Song" by the Booth Brothers.

5. something I love?
-surveys!!!!! not sure why, I just do!!!!! :)

6. where would you rather live: in a palace, or a cottage by the sea?
-uhhmmmh, if the palace were really homey and not cold and all "fancy, royal, expensive like", then I'd pick a palace, as long as I'm not the only one living in it!! Man, that would get really really scary at night, in the dark!! Ack, I don't even wanna think about it! But ya, deff a palace.

7. a person you do not wanna be like???
-miley cyrus. did you know she was voted the worst teen celebrity ever, or something like that?? ya, i don't think she was very happy about that!!!!!

8. if you could be in any movie, what would it be? like, a movie that's already out?
-oooh, "the Ten Commandments"!!! or "Ben-Hur" maybe I could be a maid or something. I just think it woulda been awesome to live back then!!! Life was so, well, simple. As in techno-simple and stuff.

9. an athlete you enjoy watching?
-Michael Phelps, in swimming, Shawn Johnson in gymnastics, and any jockey in horse races!!!

10. Someone you get inspiration for fashion, from?
-Hmmm, lotsa people! Marie from over at "Marie Loves...", Miss Raquel, from "Modestus Filia", Georgie Henley, Anna Popplewell, of course.

Okay, now you get the easy part! ANSWER THE QUESTIONS IN A COMMENT!!! Or an email, if you don't have a google account! Thanks, and have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Love and hugs,
Manda <3


  1. love learning more about my friends!!!

  2. HI! Sooo glad you made a Google account. You should answer the questions, too! :) Ok, you could prolly skip the last one, its about fashion.... unless you want to?!?! LOL


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