Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cute pictures + the Pevensies = LOVE!

Hey all. My sisses found these pix of the Pevensies, and I just HAD to share. Please tell me if y'all are tired of me posting so much about Narnia everything, buttttt.... I can't help myself. :) I PROMISE some fashion posts will be coming up soon!!! ttul

Love, Manda <3


  1. No, I am NOT tired of Narnia!! Be yourself. =D

    Good photos. Skandar looks kinda weird in the first though. =P

  2. Kay, and Narnia is like, a huge part of my life! No, Ben looks funny in the first one. He looks like he's sick. LOL

  3. I LOVE it when you post about Narnia! ;) Skandar looks much better here. I cant decide if he's good looking or not. =P PC looks better too. =P

  4. Skandar looks really skinny here, but other pix i've seen of him last year/this year he looks like he's filled out, and not scrawny-kinda. IDK :)


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