Saturday, February 19, 2011


Right now, I am sitting at the computer with velcro rollers in my hair, desperatley TRYING to achieve, the messy, big-curl look, like this lovely li'l lady has. :) The fam is heading down to visit some friends this weekend, and also go to the installation service they are having at their church. (He used to be my Youth pastor, but now he is the senior pastor at a different church.)

Not sure how my hair will turn out, but I'm eager to see the results once I take the rollers out!!! :)

And, just becuz I really can't do awhole lot right now, for fear that the rollers will loosen and come out!, I will add this last pic to this post, and then I will say g'bye until I'm back here, tomorrow night? afternoon?

Ta ta for now!!!
Love and hugs,
Manda <3

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