Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Night Outfit

Hey all!!! This is my outfit I wore last night when my friend Mackenna came over. We had pizza for supper, then we went to the mall and went shopping.... only got to two stores: Sears and Gordmans (LOVE THAT STORE!!!!) but we had really fun time trying on clothes and stuff.
More on last night in a later post.... once I get my pix on the computer. Okay, here's the pic!!! ttul
Love, Manda

Cardigan: a gift/ Old Navy
Skirt: Goodwill/ its my sister's. lol
Leggings: Kohls! :)
Converse: Dollar General, actually, for $7. Beat that! (but ya, they aren't REAL. eh, who cares!)

*a sneak peek at the fun we had last night*

I am wearing Mackenna's heels..... since I like seriously couldn't walk in them, she carried me from my bedroom all the way to the family room, which are at the two opposite ends of the house!!! hehe

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