Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm baaaaaacccckkkkkk!!!!!!! ;)

Hey all!!

I'm back from the trip, exhausted and all that, and it doesn't help that I was sick the whole time, sooo I was mainly stuck at the house, watching movies and hanging out, oh and sleeping alot too!!! All day Sunday I slept for HOURS! Crazyness.
I watched Despicable Me, and Toy Story 3 for the 2nd time. :) Good movies, good movies.
The trip went very well. It was very successful, and good things are possible in the future!! I'm pretty excited!!! I was just disappointed that since I was sick, I missed out on some things, like meeting some people, but if we go there again in the future, hopefully I'll get to meet them!!!

A fun post coming up in the future, so be on the lookout!! ttul

Manda <3

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