Sunday, February 19, 2012

1st Ever Vlog!!!

{beware, this is quite horrible! Meg and I were sorta at a loss for words.... and quite self-concious...}

So, if you couldn't hear all the words, one thing I mentioned was you guys asking me questions and putting them in the comments..  then I could make a 2nd vlog and answer those questions. Its something I've seen other bloggers do, and it looks like fun... I can at least give it a try! :)

Well, Lis is trying to fishtail braid my hair right now, and its soon off to bed for me. G'night all!!



  1. You are are both adorable! Hope you are enjoying your vacation so far! I love Cracker I want some hash brown casserole! :)

  2. This was cute! You guys are funny... and your mom popping in the room like that made me laugh cause it reminded me of something my own mom would do! :-) I'll think up some questions and come back to put them in a comment soon.

  3. awwww it wont let me watch it :( ~Mack ~

  4. wish I sound on my computer soo bad!

  5. Your blog is endearing <3 Sarah

  6. OK I told you I'd come back with questions so here are a few to get you going on your next vlog!! :-)

    If you could leave for vacation anywhere tomorrow, where would you want to go?

    What is your favorite fashion accessory? (scarves, hats, shoes, bags... etc)

    What inspired you to start blogging?

    Who is your favorite band at the moment?



I'm glad you've gotten this far, cuz you know how much I loooove comments! So go ahead and leave one!!!

Manda <3