Saturday, February 25, 2012

Overalls - Take It or Leave It

Personally, I lovelovelove the look of overalls when they are in shorts form. :)

yeah, the only thing i would take away from this outfit are the heels. i would much rather prefer to go with caramel brown flats. :)

i tried to find a picture of kimberly williams-paisley in 'Father of the Bride 2' wearing a sheer shirt with daisies on it, underneath a pair of overall shorts, but i couldn't find it. it was quite adorable, too!! :/ oh well.

so, the big question:

would you wear overalls?? and why???

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  1. I LOVE OVERALLS! haha. I used to be like obsessed with them. They were all I would wear. My pants would always fall down, so I would just wear overalls. of course I wasn't fashionable with them...just threw them on over a t shirt and they kinda sagged. =P


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