Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is Thursday... The Week is Almost Over!

I am up to my neck in OGT preps, and counting down the days till Mack comes to visit me this summer. :) I am currently LOVIN the colors kelly green and coral pink (not together of course.)

They happen to be 2 of the hottest color trends for spring 2012. :) Not that I follow trends or anything. Its too hard to do. haha

And.. not much else is going on. 

How's y'all's week going?? Anything exciting happen??



  1. Oh, I adore CORAL!! It is my latest rave... even though I don't have a single piece in my closet. :P
    My week... don't ask.
    My 12 year old sister almost died yesterday, we found out she had dietbetes, and they had to fly her to portland, oregon... and we are vistiting my aunt and uncle for 2 weeks.... it has been a freaky week....

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I noticed!! Thanks Marie. I love youuuu!!! ;D


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