Thursday, February 2, 2012

Science Fair, Birthday Pics, Among Other Things

Science Fair was tonight. Its my last year, so do you think I was excited?!?! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe I'm sooo happy! And my awesome twin bro got a medal! Whoo hoo for him! :) Ok, here's the two pics.

Left to Right: Ivana, Natalie, me, and Emily.

Me with Natalie, Emily, Rachael, Onna and Sarah at Science Fair. Go sophomore girls!!! :)

Homecoming!!!! :) Hipser vs. Senior Citizien Day. lol

Me and Emily. LOL Insanity Day!!! I didn't dress up cuz we were going to the Art Museum and Chipotle that day. :/

CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best.Place.On.Earth. I could eat there for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 24/7. :)

The whole class - well, not all of us. There's the Honors class, but they didn't come. :)

Me and the gals - and - um - Andrew's eye?

Nat and her gigantour burrito! (Oh, and Rach. hehe) For the record, she ate the WHOLE FLIPPIN' THING.

Now, since my birthday was on Homecoming, we went to the game and the H.S. choir & band participated in a Flash Mob. I had soo much fun dancing! For lunch that day, since my dad works at the school, Mom surprised me and Andy with a pizza lunch in Dad's office!! Fun times. :)

Oh, and Nat made me wear that tiara you see on my head. It said 'Its my 18th Birthday!' on it.

the Birthday Kids with Mom!!! :)

Me, Em, and Felicia at the Pep Rally!! :)

at the game.
Me and Nat after the game and homecoming ceremony. :)

Yeah, I look not so great. I was oober tired. :) But me and Andy had Buster Brown Dessert with candles in the shape of '18'. :) And then we opened presents. :)

The End.



  1. when i was a kid i was really into science fairs...offcourse now my subject n my passions have changed but still looks so fun!!
    Btw NEW POST in my blog n if u like, follow me on twitter!!

  2. It looks Like you had a fun fun fun Birthday :D and yummmy cake :D my fam loves that stuff :D ~ MACK ~

  3. wow looks like fun! happy birthday. guess who's birthday is tomorrow? MINE! xD love you! <3


  4. I didn't know you had a twin!! :) how fun! Or is it crazy? :) hah. Hapoy birthday Amanda, hope your year is super blessed!!!

  5. Oh my good!*-*
    Thank you for all these lovely comments!*-*
    Your amazing!(:


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