Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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  •  Is there someone (not in your family) you would gladly give your life for? my best friend mack, i think. :) 
  • Have you ever seen a movie with a part you wished you could re-write? hmm, i'm sure there has been, but i cant think of anything right now! oh wait, prolly a lot of the scenes in 'VDT'. The dialogue wasn't all that great. :/
  • Is there one thing you have done that you wish you could change? yes. wasting a whole flippin' year and a half worshipping sinful people other than Jesus, my Savior and Friend.
  • Would you rather your house be infested with termites, or have 20 skunks living under your porch? the skunks... definitely the skunks!!
  • Have you ever read a book that made you feel incredibly happy? hmm, i dont know. :) prolly the Narnia books, or the books by Karen Kingsbury. Her books are amazing!!!!!
  • Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel incredibly sad? yes!! every time i watch 'Prince Caspian' now, i get sad, because i know what's coming - when Peter and Susan (will and anna) leave Narnia forever. *tear sob tear*
  • Would you rather have endless riches and be alone, or be extremely  poor and always have company? prolly the riches, because i can stand to be alone. but i also wouldn't mind seeing my family and friends all the time, too!! so i'm not really sure....
  • Do you journal? yuppers!! i'm not the most faithful, but i still do. ;)
  • Do you have any pets? yes, my baby Jingles. she's the cutest little brown Shih Ztu with four white paws and a snowy white chest/underbelly. :) she's so precious!!!
  • What is your favorite part of your house? the family room! that's where the whole fam spends most of our time! its big and spacious and comfy. :D
  • Which do you like better: City or country?  oh that's oober hard! i don't think i can decide...


//listening to: 'the prayer' by josh groban and charlotte church.
wearing: a v-neck violet shirt with yellow cardiagn, grey cuffed skinnies, my grey ruffley ankle boots, and my zebra scarf.
watching: 'I Love Lucy' - one of the best classics ever.
wanting: to hug my best friend mack.//

Happy Wednesday!



  1. the end of Prince Caspian makes me sad too! at least if they ever make a movie out of the last battle they'll ALL get to come back to narnia. ;) except susan. poor su.

  2. hey girl! regarding the GFC question, we will still be able to follow blogs through GFC since our blogs are on Blogger. But other blogs that use different blogging sites, like Wordpress, will not. I am using Google Plus because I want a back-up if Google takes GFC from Blogger as well. I hope this helps!

  3. hey nice post....loved the tranquil
    BTW NEW POST IN MY stop by :0
    Love & luck

  4. Jingles is such a cute name for a dog! :-) I love it.


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