Friday, February 3, 2012

Tryin' 'Em On For Size

A few weeks ago, me, my sisters, and some friends, with our moms, went shopping at the mall. I saw this cough-ugly-cough boot, and had Mom take a pic of me standing next to it. Good grief, people, it comes up to my freakin' thigh!!!! How utterly DISGUSTING?!?!!?! I think yes.

excuse the stupid look on my face. Mom took the pic before I was ready. Ha! :)

What are some horrific finds you've come across while shopping???

Happy Weekend!!


  1. Ew, the leard print is gross!!

  2. I like the sparkls but not the print and it is sooo big next to you wow but if you had it on it would not be so high because of the heal

  3. Haha those shoes are revolting! But I love your outfit- blazer and boots look great! :)


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