Sunday, February 19, 2012

the reason i want to delete my blog

is because i get hardly any comments, and also because i'm a horrible blogger. i'm not into photography, and i have a hard time coming up with cute things to blog about. i dunno, those are really the only reasons....

to end this quite depressing post:

nat, me and rach at ugly sweater night at youth group a few months back. no, i didn't participate, even tho i wanted to! i just didn't have an ugly sweater......


  1. I love ugly sweater parties and such! Fun fun. :-)

  2. :( Blogging can have those crappy moments, that's for sure. I wouldn't give up just yet though!! You're not a horrible blogger! As far as comments go, comments are VERY hit or miss, even with bloggers who have 400 followers! Plus, you get those people like me who often read/glance at posts and end up not commenting :P Your blog is beautiful, and you're a sweet girl; just make sure you're getting out there in the blogger world! Make sure you're commenting on and following other blogs as much as you can...often times it's commenters whose names get clicked on the most when others are searching for new blogs! Also, a lot of times, looking at new followers can be overwhelming, and it's just easier for bloggers to check out those who comment on their posts!
    I hope you stick with it, but if you don't, that's okay too :) Be encouraged though that at least one other blogger enjoys you and your blog ;D
    ~Lauren :)

  3. well, we need to have a email-conversation. okay? okay. email me :))
    -jocee <3

  4. Oh darling, you are a fabulous blogger! Just because you're not into photography doesn't make you bad! And I love the outfits you post - those are super cute! As for comments, don't let that sink your boat. It takes time to build up your blog...sometimes many years. But the people that are here right now all love you and support you, and we would love it if you kept blogging:)

  5. I love reading your blog and it makes me feel very cnnected even though I am still in Iowa :D ~Mack ~

  6. please don't stop blogging! I read your blog at least every week, even if I don't always comment. You don't have to be an amazing photographer or writer to be a good blogger. Besides, I love how you're always yourself! (your title IS free to be me)So just don't stop, ESPECIALLY if you're thinking about stopping because you're not good enough or because you don't have enough comments! I hardly ever got comments on any of my posts when I started blogging. I mean seriously, I freaked when I got ONE comment. ;) So don't worry. and don't count numbers.

    love ya,

  7. The video isn't working for me either. Hmm!
    I love your blog though:)
    You have 40 followers now!
    xxo. Jazzie

  8. Oops!
    I meant to post that comment on the post above this one. Sorry!

  9. Hey! I tagged you over at my blog :D
    ~Lauren :)


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