Friday, February 24, 2012

43 Followers & New Hairstyle

Well actually, I haven't gotten my hair cut yet. But I'm posting a picture of the hairstyle I want. I want bunches and bunches and bunches of short layers all over. :) Cute huh? I love layers.

I'm listening to this wonderful song.


Its from 'Father of the Bride'. Best.Movie.Ever. I'm not kidding. :)

And ohmygoodnessgracious, did I mention I have 43 followers?!?! I think I'm gonna die. That's, like, 7 away from 50, which is halfway to 100!!! Wow oh wow oh wow.
Well, that's that. I'm going to a bball game tonite. Bleh. I hate bball with a passion.




  1. i love that song!! ooohh, and i FEEL YOU!! i HATE HATE basketball too!!!! :P BLECH.

  2. I think you are going to look amazing with that hair style :D ~Mack~

  3. Hello Amanda! Just so you know, you do know me. lol I just was looking though some blogs, and I don't even know how but I found yours. I clicked on your blog and I thought man, this girls looks very familiar. But then I thought there is no way that you could be from Emmanuel. So anyways, I brought my sister Allison downstairs and she was like oh yeah you know that girl. lol So yep, I was going to just tell you on Wednesday, but I guess that I don't have to anymore. :)

    Oh and also, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BLOG!!! No matter if you never post on it or you feel you never get comments, you will regret it. Because I was feeling that way too once. And I just waited and waited and people started commenting on all of my stuff. :)))

    1. Thanks Hannah!! I will have to give you a big bloggy-friend-hug whenever I see you next!! :) Either Sunday or next Wednesday, ok? lol And thanks for the encouragement!


    2. Okay. :) I think that I will be at church tomorrow, but i don't know if I will be there for Sunday School. So if I don't see you then, I will for sure see you Wednesday. :)

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