Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tagged - by Emily Rose!

  •  Is there someone (not in your family) you would gladly give your life for? my best friend mack, i think. :) 
  • Have you ever seen a movie with a part you wished you could re-write? hmm, i'm sure there has been, but i cant think of anything right now! oh wait, prolly a lot of the scenes in 'VDT'. The dialogue wasn't all that great. :/
  • Is there one thing you have done that you wish you could change? yes. wasting a whole flippin' year and a half worshipping sinful people other than Jesus, my Savior and Friend.
  • Would you rather your house be infested with termites, or have 20 skunks living under your porch? the skunks... definitely the skunks!!
  • Have you ever read a book that made you feel incredibly happy? hmm, i dont know. :) prolly the Narnia books, or the books by Karen Kingsbury. Her books are amazing!!!!!
  • Have you ever watched a movie that made you feel incredibly sad? yes!! every time i watch 'Prince Caspian' now, i get sad, because i know what's coming - when Peter and Susan (will and anna) leave Narnia forever. *tear sob tear*
  • Would you rather have endless riches and be alone, or be extremely  poor and always have company? prolly the riches, because i can stand to be alone. but i also wouldn't mind seeing my family and friends all the time, too!! so i'm not really sure....
  • Do you journal? yuppers!! i'm not the most faithful, but i still do. ;)
  • Do you have any pets? yes, my baby Jingles. she's the cutest little brown Shih Ztu with four white paws and a snowy white chest/underbelly. :) she's so precious!!!
  • What is your favorite part of your house? the family room! that's where the whole fam spends most of our time! its big and spacious and comfy. :D
  • Which do you like better: City or country?  oh that's oober hard! i don't think i can decide...


//listening to: 'the prayer' by josh groban and charlotte church.
wearing: a v-neck violet shirt with yellow cardiagn, grey cuffed skinnies, my grey ruffley ankle boots, and my zebra scarf.
watching: 'I Love Lucy' - one of the best classics ever.
wanting: to hug my best friend mack.//

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

messy chignon

ashley's hair is so chic! i'm so trying this...

i'm really really really lovin the bun on the bottom far left. :)

have you ever tried a messy chignon? 
how did it turn out for you?


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Overalls - Take It or Leave It

Personally, I lovelovelove the look of overalls when they are in shorts form. :)

yeah, the only thing i would take away from this outfit are the heels. i would much rather prefer to go with caramel brown flats. :)

i tried to find a picture of kimberly williams-paisley in 'Father of the Bride 2' wearing a sheer shirt with daisies on it, underneath a pair of overall shorts, but i couldn't find it. it was quite adorable, too!! :/ oh well.

so, the big question:

would you wear overalls?? and why???

Me With Short Hair in '08

I was like 14 or so in these pics. Now I'm going to go get my hair cut and get bunches of short layers! :) Pics to come, I promise!

Happy Saturday!


Friday, February 24, 2012

43 Followers & New Hairstyle

Well actually, I haven't gotten my hair cut yet. But I'm posting a picture of the hairstyle I want. I want bunches and bunches and bunches of short layers all over. :) Cute huh? I love layers.

I'm listening to this wonderful song.


Its from 'Father of the Bride'. Best.Movie.Ever. I'm not kidding. :)

And ohmygoodnessgracious, did I mention I have 43 followers?!?! I think I'm gonna die. That's, like, 7 away from 50, which is halfway to 100!!! Wow oh wow oh wow.
Well, that's that. I'm going to a bball game tonite. Bleh. I hate bball with a passion.



Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is Thursday... The Week is Almost Over!

I am up to my neck in OGT preps, and counting down the days till Mack comes to visit me this summer. :) I am currently LOVIN the colors kelly green and coral pink (not together of course.)

They happen to be 2 of the hottest color trends for spring 2012. :) Not that I follow trends or anything. Its too hard to do. haha

And.. not much else is going on. 

How's y'all's week going?? Anything exciting happen??


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Got Tagged - Now You're It!

Thanks to the lovely Lauren I got tagged!! :)

1. If you could spend one day with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would you spend it with?
my best friend mack, becuz we're, like, 'one and the same'. :)
2. What is your current favorite song?
'One and the Same' by Selena and Demi
3. What's your favorite summer activity, big or small?
ummm, being outside with friends? either that or vacationing. :D
4. Let's say you get a cat. A really cute, really fluffy, really adorable cat. What do you name it?
whiskers. original, huh?
5. If you could own one exotic animal, with the guarantee that it wouldn't eat you, or trample you, or some other tragic thing...what would it be?
a snow tiger.
6. Who is the scariest movie villain?
rasputin, from 'Anastasia'. uggh he's creepy!!!
7. Did you like Aurora's dress more when it was pink, or when it was blue?
i wouldn't know - i've never seen 'sleeping beauty'.
8. Who inspires you most, whether they be famous or non-famous?
hmm, i'm not sure. maybe my favorite author karen kingsbury!
9. Would you rather sit down with a good book, or sit down all comfy cozy with the laptop and read blogs, pin stuff, Facebook creep, etc...?
hehe both! 
10. Absolute favorite Disney character? (See, everything comes back to Disney with me ;))
ummmm... anastasia! (i'm not really sure if she's an actual disney princess tho...)
11. What is one of your favorite quotes?
 anything by C.S. Lewis!

And now, I tag:

The End.

Blueberry Pancakes Anyone?

I want this ring. so bad.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1st Ever Vlog!!!

{beware, this is quite horrible! Meg and I were sorta at a loss for words.... and quite self-concious...}

So, if you couldn't hear all the words, one thing I mentioned was you guys asking me questions and putting them in the comments..  then I could make a 2nd vlog and answer those questions. Its something I've seen other bloggers do, and it looks like fun... I can at least give it a try! :)

Well, Lis is trying to fishtail braid my hair right now, and its soon off to bed for me. G'night all!!


the reason i want to delete my blog

is because i get hardly any comments, and also because i'm a horrible blogger. i'm not into photography, and i have a hard time coming up with cute things to blog about. i dunno, those are really the only reasons....

to end this quite depressing post:

nat, me and rach at ugly sweater night at youth group a few months back. no, i didn't participate, even tho i wanted to! i just didn't have an ugly sweater......

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012

There are no words for how much I love this song!!

Err, more like, these two songs!!! They're from 'Father of of the Bride' seriously prolly my FAVORITE movie, after 'Anne of Green Gables'. :)

These songs.... gahh!!!!! I'm TOTALLY gonna have them both played at my wedding, and I plan on dancing with my husband to the first song. :)

Whadya think???


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Outfit

I felt like KENDI in this outfit! But to tell you the truth, I actually didn't wear the cardi to school. I should have, I know, cuz it was the perfect touch. Oh well. :/ Ok, on to the pics.

So that's that. How was your Valentine's Day? Get anything really special?? I got a rose and card from Felicia, a card with candy from Nat, and a card and candy from Em. :)

 eating a green tootsie roll & listening to THIS


Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Song Stuck in My Head...

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! If you've seen 'Courageous' then you've heard this song. :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

SuperBowl Sunday

So, we're having company over, just some friends from church, and my outfit consists of an oversized, blue&white striped sweater, baggy cuffed khaki shorts (that are new, i just bought them yesterday from H&M for $7!) and black tights underneath the shorts. :) I pulled my hair into a low pony and pinned back my bangs. Stylish, but comfy - and that's TOTALLY the way to go!!

Enjoy the game, ya'll. I'm rooting for the Giants - who're you rooting for?


p.s. outfit pix to come, promise! :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Tryin' 'Em On For Size

A few weeks ago, me, my sisters, and some friends, with our moms, went shopping at the mall. I saw this cough-ugly-cough boot, and had Mom take a pic of me standing next to it. Good grief, people, it comes up to my freakin' thigh!!!! How utterly DISGUSTING?!?!!?! I think yes.

excuse the stupid look on my face. Mom took the pic before I was ready. Ha! :)

What are some horrific finds you've come across while shopping???

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Science Fair, Birthday Pics, Among Other Things

Science Fair was tonight. Its my last year, so do you think I was excited?!?! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe I'm sooo happy! And my awesome twin bro got a medal! Whoo hoo for him! :) Ok, here's the two pics.

Left to Right: Ivana, Natalie, me, and Emily.

Me with Natalie, Emily, Rachael, Onna and Sarah at Science Fair. Go sophomore girls!!! :)

Homecoming!!!! :) Hipser vs. Senior Citizien Day. lol

Me and Emily. LOL Insanity Day!!! I didn't dress up cuz we were going to the Art Museum and Chipotle that day. :/

CHIPOTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best.Place.On.Earth. I could eat there for breakfast, lunch & dinner, 24/7. :)

The whole class - well, not all of us. There's the Honors class, but they didn't come. :)

Me and the gals - and - um - Andrew's eye?

Nat and her gigantour burrito! (Oh, and Rach. hehe) For the record, she ate the WHOLE FLIPPIN' THING.

Now, since my birthday was on Homecoming, we went to the game and the H.S. choir & band participated in a Flash Mob. I had soo much fun dancing! For lunch that day, since my dad works at the school, Mom surprised me and Andy with a pizza lunch in Dad's office!! Fun times. :)

Oh, and Nat made me wear that tiara you see on my head. It said 'Its my 18th Birthday!' on it.

the Birthday Kids with Mom!!! :)

Me, Em, and Felicia at the Pep Rally!! :)

at the game.
Me and Nat after the game and homecoming ceremony. :)

Yeah, I look not so great. I was oober tired. :) But me and Andy had Buster Brown Dessert with candles in the shape of '18'. :) And then we opened presents. :)

The End.