Saturday, November 3, 2012

1st Football Game of November!

So at 2:30ish this afternoon Hans emailed me and asked me if I wanted to come over, and then later go to a high school football game with her and her dad. Of course I said yes!!! And this only being my 2nd high school football game EVER - well it was awesome!!! :)

We drank hot chocolate, and ate cheesy nachos and sour candy strips. Also, our team won 28-0 and they've been undefeated this whole season. 4 more to go til the State Championship!!! :) Good times...

What did you do on your Saturday night?



  1. I watched a birth documentary with my mom! haha. A football game sounds WAY more entertaining. :-)

  2. aw, girl i had a great time too! :) thanks for being able to come so last minute! :))

    see you in less then an hour! :)



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