Friday, November 9, 2012

Highlight of my Friday Night!!!

Guess what y'all????

I am now the extremley crazy proud owner of 'Songs from the Silver Screen' CD & DVD by Jackie Evancho!!!!!!!!!!!

The story is this: ever since Jackie's CD came out on October 2, 2012, I had been wanting to buy it. And especially at Target, because Target is the only place selling the combo CD&DVD. So tonight, since its Friday, the fam was gonna go out to eat somewhere and then go somewhere and have fun. But at the last minute Mom started to feel really sick, so Dad just ran to Rally's and got us all some burgers and fries. After eating supper (which was delish!) Dad consented to taking us kiddos to Target. I mainly was just wishing to look at the CD&DVD, to make sure they weren't all gone. :) And, the Lord was awesome and blessed me with the last combo on the shelf!! So, somewhat jokingly, I said, 'Who wants to lend me $6 and I'll pay you back in Decemeber after I babysit then?" No one really spoke up, but Dad was kinda like, 'I'll think about it.' haha So then us girls went to look at clothes, with the CD&DVD clutched in my hand (cuz there is no way I was letting anyone else have it!!) and then a few minutes later, as we were heading towards the front of Target to leave, Dad handed me a gift card that Lis had had and she was paying Mom and Dad back for something.... whatever! So anyways, I was able to use that gift card, plus some of my own money, to buy this amazing CD&DVD!

//These are the number of lovely CD's I have by this amazing girl!!//

And they all have a DVD that come with each of them, so that's a sweet bonus. :) The only CD left to get is 'Heavenly Christmas'.

And for those of you who don't know know anything about Jackie, she's a child opera sensation. And she's STUNNING. I am in love.

So yep. That's my exciting li'l tidbit.

What made you happy today?



  1. I didn't know about this artist......I am definitely gonna look up

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  4. This girl is a stunning talent. She should have won AGT.


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