Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Price Is Right {Added from FB}

*creds to the wonderful katie for all these great pictures!!*

//my amazing youth pastor andrew, & his wife katie! love them both soo much! they are such blessings in my life//

//left to right: erin, hans, allie, heather, & me//

Okay story time!! So, right before this ^^ picture was taken, Katie and I were walking down the steps, and suddenly I just tripped. I practically knocked both of us over, and I was holding on to Katie so hard I thot we were both gonna go down, but she held me up and said, "I gotcha." So we didn't fall, and had a good laugh about it afterwards. It was pretty embarrassing tho!! The reason I tripped was cuz of these babies:

Hahaha Katie and her love of shoes....

Anyways!! Soo, I hope you weren't totally bored looking thru all these crazy amounts of pictures, but I had to share them with ya, cuz it was such an AMAZING night spent with my friends and my awesome youth group!! :) 
Oh, and one more thing - right after I prayed that my ticket would be called to get some money, what do I hear but my ticket number! I jumped up, leaving my camera and my ticket on my seat, and rushed forward (as fast as I could in my wedges) and was about to grab the money from Adam's hand, and he's like, 'Where's your ticket'? I left it on my seat! So I rushed back and Lauren handed me my ticket and then I went back up front and received $5!! I was so happy. So now I'm not flat broke anymore. lol



  1. I love the story and the pics. The outfits are great by the way!!! And the shoes!!! Might I add ~Mack~

  2. this look really suits you Manda - and your wedges are awesome! xx


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