Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summed Up

We serve a great God, do we not? I'm sooo thankful that the Lord led my family to Ohio. I'm blessed to attend the greatest church and youth group, and to have found some of the greatest friends here, too! *you know who you are* I tend to be negative and to look for the bad things in life, but really, I should be rejoicing and praising Jesus for all He's blessed me with!!! I need to remind myself to look for the little blessings in life, because they are out there, you just gotta be lookin for 'em! :)

Also, a huge thanks to all the kind comments and love I got on my last post!! I just needed to get that subject off my chest. :)

In other news, Thanksgiving is almost here!! Ohmygoodness. I'm so excited to get to see my family who live so far away from us!! And of course I'm excited for all the amazing food, too.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? And anything I could be praying about for you??

Much love,


  1. I know, learning to praise Him is something we all have to learn, it has been something that has been on my heart this year too, He deserves all of our praise! We are having some family over for Thanksgiving(my moms sister) They are not Christian so you could pray that we could be a light to them and share Christ just through our actions....You are so sweet:D I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful!

    Praying your evening is filled with the Love of our King!


  2. Great post!

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  3. i'm always thankful to God for all the blessings that he gives me and my family. He's a great man. I get all my hope and courage from him. :D Thanks for sharing this song!


  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving girl! I can't wait to listen to this song - I've never heard of it, looks so encouraging :)

  5. I am thankful for family and baby's! And best friends that live very far away (might I add) Happy Thanksgiving have fun and love you lots ~Mack~


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