Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prepare Yourself - Beause I'm About to Vent

I would like to know why I rarely get any comments. Would someone like to please explain??? I just posted two nice picture-filled posts (and my last post was one filled with high-quality, edited pictures, too!!) I have 62 followers but out of that 62 followers, about only five to ten of you atually leave comments! Why are you following my blog if you aren't going to leave a comment now and then?? Are you following me just to be a creepy stalker or something?? Like seriously, its really getting on my nerves.

When I follow people, my intention is to read about their daily lives and to leave nice li'l notes at the bottom of their posts. I don't leave comments for every, single post they write, but for the most part, I leave comments on most of their posts.

And as I've said before, my blog is not a photography blog. I don't have an expensive, super high-tech camera, and I don't plan on ever buying something like that. My point and shoot camera works just fine for me. If some of you are expecting posts filled with pictures most of the time, that's prolly not gonna happen, just because I'm not a photographer. But when I go to events (like last night's youth event) I do take my camera and take some pictures, just for memory's sake.

Please people, I want feedback!! Do you know (to those of you who regularly post) how depressing it is to have been blogging for years, and when you post a nice long post with pictures I might add, and to not get any comments whatsoever??? It makes you seriously think about quitting blogging!

When I post on here, I want people to leave me opinons, suggestions, etc. on what they thought of my post, what they liked or didn't like. I want to know if there's anything you guys would like to see me post about! And please people, seriously, BE HONEST. I don't want you guys to be faking what you think of my posts (not that you are!) but I want you to be honest. That's all I ask. Is to be honest, and to give me feedback. Please. I do thank my faithful comments and followers like Kendra, Marie, Hans, Allie, Mack, and Jo who faithfully comment on here and make me feel like I'm something in this blogging world.

And I apologize if I offended anyone. Yes I'll be sad if I lose some followers after this post, but I was being honest and telling y'all what I think and feel.

Thanks for listening.



  1. I really think it is because people don't want to take the time...To tell you the truth I rarely leave comments but I do look and love your blog every time you post. I just do not leave a comment. I would say do not get discouraged, you are a wonderful blogger with great talent and it will get better. I am sorry that you are not getting much feed back I know it can be hard at times I have over 100 hundred followers and usually do not get more than 5 to 10 comments on a post:( It really just depends on the post too. If it something people are interested in they will leave a comment. I have found that to be true at least with my blog. It always is a joy though when people do comment...I remember the comment you left on my blog! It was so sweet I even showed it to my mom! Anywho, I hope that helped. Keep blogging girly! Your doing an awesome job:D I will try to leave comments in the future so that you will know that I am not just a *weird stalker person* :D

    May your heart be filled with the joy that only comes through Jesus, Dear!


  2. I think if you as a blogger aren't interactive, you aren't going to get much response. Like Kelsey says that doesn't mean your blog isn't actively read though.

    Wishing you the best of luck, Amanda. :)

  3. I'll be honest here, I read most all of your posts, but rarely comment because I read them inbetween when I have a minute here or there. I get what your saying. I need to work on commenting on other blogs too, but often I get discouraged that not very many comment on my blog, even when I comment on theirs. This post was an eye opener for me. Thank you! Keep up your awesome blog! I love reading your posts :)

  4. Thank you for this post! It has definitely motivated me to comment more! Something I don't normally do. And I do understand how it feels not to get comments, so discouraging! God bless you with more comments :)

  5. I don't always comment but I promise I read each and every post!! Sometimes I'm just on my phone and it is too hard to type out a comment so I wait til I can use a computer. :-)


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