Monday, January 3, 2011

the 1940's

I have fallen in love with children's outfits from the 1940's. Today my sister was going to throw away these stacks of books, and I was like, "No! Not before I get to see what you're throwing away!!!" Well, I got sidetracked becuz I started flipping thru the "American Girl: Molly" books (hey, don't judge me, ok?) Well, I read both books we have, they were quite good, thank you, and I fell in love with Molly's outfits, and her friend's outfits. Too cute! I specially love British children's outfits from the 40's.
I dunno, there's something about the clothing and stuff that I like. I think half the reason I love LWW so much is becuz Susan's England-before-Narnia outfits are so, well, 40's. AND, British! hehe

p.s. yes i know they are all Narnia pix.. :D

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