Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I did today

Since my friend Kendra suggested I post on what I did today, here it is! Hope y'all don't fall asleep on me, but I won't blame you if you do!! LOL

Woke up sometime this morning, don't know when, had breakfast, which was a piece of toast. I rarely eat breakfast. Then, the fam had family devos, I fell asleep on the couch with my dog Jingles while Mom talked on the phone. My grandpa called her right as I was about to pray, so I just dozed for a bit while Mom talked. hehe
Then, worked on school school school school and more school, and a bit of my story "A New Song", which I am totally pumped about!!!, then while Mom and Lis went vending, I worked more on school, ate some popcorn of my brothers (shhh.... he doesn't know!!!) and then went on here. So yeps. That's my day! Oh, later tonight, us kids and Mom are gonna go to our local ice rink and walk, get some exercise, that sorta thing. Its quite fun, actually, 'specially when there are ice skaters on the ice.
The first time we went this week, at the end, there was this huge class of little skaters on the ice, and they were so cute! It was fun to watch them. One girl was really good... she did a jump, but I missed seeing it. Anyways, hope this isn't too boring. I feel quite bored right now... so hopefully you aren't snoring by now!!! ;)

Not sure what to post about tomorrow..... I need to get my pix of my last two Sunday outfits on here.... will work on that ASAP!!!!Maybe I'll do a post on Shawn Johnson's style soon... IDK, most of her outfits are WAY.TOO.LOW., but I'll see what I think of doing tomorrow! ttul
Manda <3
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  1. Sounds like a good day! I like your funny quotes on the sidebar. You should add the part where Edmund says he licked the candy Eustace took. RAL!

  2. Oh, the website i found those quotes on didn't have any Dawn Treader quotes. Just Prince Caspian quotes. And I guess I did have purdy good day! Watching "That Darn Cat" right now. With Hayley Mills, Dean Jones, and Dorothy Provine. I LOVE this movie.... her outfits are soo 50's, which I love!!! <3


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