Friday, January 28, 2011

Ramblings {Part Two}

Just finished watching "That Darn Cat" for the 2nd time. Love that movie soo much.... mostly just becuz Hayley Mills is too cute for words and she's got some of the cutest 50's outfits I've ever seen! So yep.

Found some cute Narnia pix I hope you will enjoy. ANd yes, they do involve Georgie Henley!! Hey, couldn't resist! LOL :)

Sorry for all my ramblings. ttul
Manda <3


  1. RAL!! Me and Hannah laughed so hard at the last two! Skandar isn't smiling and Georgie is like laughing...hehe!

  2. i know right?!? he's always sooo serious and he hardly ever smiles.... then i found this comment georgie said that [skander] 'he has this ability to make people laugh!' or somethin like that. i was like, "seriously?!? skandar?? he's always soo serious!" anyways, ttul


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