Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Whew!!! What a day!

Hi everyone!

Wowsers am I tired. This morning I had to wake up at sixish something to go with my Mom and siblings to get my two little cousins, Kara and Kate. They are here now, and we're watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (good movie, btw). We got there fine, and so did Aunt Heather. I bought a large Fry cuz I was hungry (shouldnt have tho, cuz then Mom bought lunch for us all. My bad.) We got back home safe and sound, and also, my grandpa's surgery went well! Praise the Lord. Now we just have to keep praying for my Uncle's surgery tomorrow! Not sure what time, but Mom might know.

Well, I was wondering if you would like me to do some fashion posts. I'm totally obsessed with modest fashion right now, and finding clothing items I want really bad and thinking what I have that would look good with that item. As I said in my last post yesterday? i think it was, my two fave blogs right now are "Modestus Filia" or "the Fashionista" as it is now being called (she's changed the name many times. hehe JK only like twice since i've been following). and Marie Loves, which is an awesome blog. You should check it out!

Also, my friends, for those of you who don't have a blog, YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED TO GET/CREATE ONE! Becuz, I'm telling ya, they're WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY BETTER THAN STUPID FACEBOOK!!! No offense to those of you who have FB. I've just heard enuff bad things about FB to give me nightmares, so ya. But really, y'all need to make blogs, and beocme part of the blogging fam! IT'd be great. Well, ttul
manda <3



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