Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mediacom and British ppl...

Hi all!

So this morning was interesting. Our internet was down, so Mom called Mediacom and started talking. Then she looked at me and whispered, "She's British!" I freaked out. :) Then Andrew was like, "Pick up the other phone!" hehe So I did. I then put the phone on SPEAKER and stood by the fire, listening to this lady's AWWWESOME British accent. I was trying sooo hard not to laugh. ;) Well, then my siblings got to being reallly loud, so I ran to my room, locked the door so they couldn't come in and bother me (i know, i'm soo nice) and stood by my door listening. She said she was from Florida, but that she had been born in London, England.... and I was like, "Why in the world would you move from ENGLAND to FLORIDA?!!?!?!?!"
But ya, so that was the exciting event that happened this morning. Now in an hour or so, we're going to the library and then possibly off to Young Arena to get some excercise. (pssttt, Y.A. is a ice skating rink/place). Well, please leave comments. I'm actually almost done with school already!!! Hip hip hurray!! That hasn't happened yet since school's started! ttul
Manda <3

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