Sunday, January 2, 2011


Most girls, specially teen girls, are into fashion, and prolly always will be! (me included.) But these days, its hard to find and dress modestly. I loathe immdoesty, absolutley loathe it! And it drives me bananas when girls dress immodestly on purpose! I can't stand that! that's why layering comes to the rescue! Besides, layers are soo cute, and there are soo many different ways to layer clothing and make it modest and adorable!

I just recently found out about an actress, who just happens to be a Christian, who just happens to do her best to dress modestly. Her name is Alyson Stoner, and even though I've found some pix of her with too short shorts, or sometimes low tops, I think she really does care about being modest. Here are some pix I found of her, and also some other cute outfits!!! Enjoy, and plz  leave comments!


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