Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memory Lane

Hi all!

Here in Minnesota right now..... chillin at a friend's house, talking and stuff. Stayed up LAAAATTTEEEEE last night playing Catch Phrase with the fam. till like 11:00! I'm tired. :) Helped my "aunt" with the four and five year olds in sunday school at my old church this morning, but missed seeing one of my old friends from Calvary. I'm sad. Also, one of my friend's family wasn't able to come to lunch today, so bummed about that. :(
Boohoo for me..... LOL

Saw alot of ppl I remember from when I was little and we lived in Minnesota. Brought back A TON  of good memories. :) I love seeing how ppl have grown and changed. Its quite interesting. Sorry I'm so boring.... I'm tired right now. hehe

I enjoy going on Facebook and "stalking" ppl, but not in a creepy way. I use my best friend's profile, and its oh so much fun! tee hee hee........


  1. That's good that you're having a good time in MN. Anyway, this week is Homecoming week at school, but we have a snow day today. I kinda wanted to go to school because we didn't have class and it was spiritual emphasis day and we were going to do Bible quizzing.
    So, I really hope they don't do it tomorrow afternoon because I have my hawkeye class till 1:45. Oh's beach day tomorrow. That should be fun!

  2. what did you think of my southern gospel post? about tim parton? i'm gonna be doing a post just for southern gospel! best music ever! ttul


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