Friday, January 21, 2011

Sick: on my birthday

Yesterday was my 17th birthday, and unfortunatley, I was sick ALL DAY LONG. I got up at 4:00 a.m becuz my stomach felt queasy and I felt nauseas. Well, I woke Mom up, and after that.... well, it wasn't fun! After throwing up four times in the morning, I ended up sleeping on the family room couch for four hours... after watching "LWW" and "Prince Caspian", "Prince Caspian" being watched twice, the second time with Audio Commentary. It was alotta fun, adn by that time I was feeling ok.
Well, then awhile later, I thought I felt like I had a fever, so my temp was taken, and yep! I had a fever of 104.something. So Mom went and bought me some medicine, and thankfully, I kept the medicine down! Praise the Lord!!!
Then we opened presents, I got a necklace, earrings, and two adorable cardigans I had been wanting really bad! Then me and my twin watched "Fireproof" till 11:00, then went to bed, I slept in till 11:00 this morning, then had some toast and water for breakfast, then I was gonna take a shower/bath, but since I was sooo tired, I actually wen back to bed for two more hours! This is the first time really that I've been on the computer in awhile! So ya.....
Homecoming Game tonight, but I'm not going. The fam is tho, so good luck Bethany!! G2G!

Manda <3

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