Wednesday, March 30, 2011

10 things {that make me S.M.I.L.E.}

- Jingles
-Georgie Henley in "the Wardrobe" - she's got to be the cutest thing EVER.
-Skandar Keynes' "smiling eyes" in Prince Caspian
-my BFF, Mackenna
-Legacy Five, Greater Vision, the Cathedrals, & the Booth Brothers - watching YouTube vids of them being CRAZY.
-raindrops on roses
-British accents
-Special Features on DVD's - 'specially on the Narnia DVD's
-thinking about how much Jesus loves me

GG - I want to give her a hug. And yes, I've said that before. But I really really do, 'specially when she's that age. But that's sorta hard too, now. hehe

Skandar/Edmund. Love him.

My baby, Jingles.... the bow in her hair is just plain cuteness!!!! :)

What makes you smile?
Me and my BFF, Mackenna!! Love ya, girl!!!! xoxo


  1. Love ya 2 and Love the pic miss ya like crazzzy you should call me :) :P

  2. I will try and call you before we leave tonight! Sorry I didnt call ya yesterday... I was out practically all day with Mom running errands, and we've been pretty busy getting ready for this trip... so ya. Well, love ya too!

  3. p.s.
    LOL I love how we both have our camera strings hangin from our front pockets. ;D

  4. lol I didn't notice that and it is fine if you don't call before you leave have an amazing weekend and love ya much


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