Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Mackenzie Grace Clark from "A New Song" {Inside Scoop}

[yes, i (Amanda) am using Anna Popplewell for my character, Mackenzie.]

Amanda (interviewer): Mackenzie, welcome! Thanks so much for taking the time for some questions.

Mackenzie: Thank you for having me. Its a pleasure to be here.

Amanda: Tell us a bit about yourself. How old you are, about your family, where you live? etc.

Mackenzie: My name is Mackenzie Clark, and I am the piano player for the southern gospel trio, A New Song. I am 16-years-old, and I have a wonderful family who I am very close to. I have an older brother, Matthew, but everyone calls him Matt. He is 18, and the lead singer for A New Song. He also plays the guitar for us, too. Then I have a younger sister by five years, and her name is Anna. She's a sweetie, so supportive, and a blast to be around. My parents are Mary and David Clark, and they support my decision to be a singer 100%. I live in a tiny little town in Iowa, called Princeton.

Amanda: So, when did you first start singing?

Mackenzie: I have been "singing" my whole life, but the beginning of being a part of an actual group was at the Iowa State Fair this year. We won the competition, and then got to go to Houston, Texas, and peform at the Hamilton Hotel there.

Amanda: While there in Houston, your brother was killed. How have you been coping with all of that?

Mackenzie: Its been really tough, really tough. But I know I will see him again in Heaven one day, and that's definitley a great comfort!

Amanda: How do you like being on the road every weekend? Does your family go with you?

Mackenzie: I'm glad we're only traveling on the weekends, for now! But once I graduate from high school, we'll be traveling full-time. And yes, my family does come along with us, but they won't be able to once we go 24/7.

Amanda: Have you written any of the songs for your group, or is that just Chandler's area?

Mackenzie: It was Matt's area, actually, until he died. Then Chandler took over with that, but we also sing other songs written by other people, too.

Amanda: Do you have a favorite song?

Mackenzie: Hmmm, well, it would probably have to be "I Have a Hope" by Greater Vision. I love that song!

Amanda: The release of A New Song's first CD was last week. Tell us how you felt when you knew it was finally in stores.

Mackenzie: I was, like, jumping up and down! I was sad that Matt hadn't been able to be a part of it, but Anna, my younger sister, has now taken his place as the guitar player in the group, so that was nice to have her be in on the project.

Amanda: Do you ever get recognized by fans or anything?

Mackenzie: Not really. I mean, I live in this tiny little town where really everybody knows me and my family, so its not strange or different for them. But when I go and travel to different places, sometimes people come up to me and want my autograph and stuff. Its really different, but its a good different, if that makes sense.

Amanda: Mackenzie, thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and talk with me. Have a great day!

Mackenzie: Thanks. You too!

The End!

So whaddya all think? I think the ending was a little abrupt, but oh well! More things for my story will be popping up on here soon, so be on the lookout!!! Thanks, and please please leave comments. Gracias.



  1. It was great reading this! :) I can't wait to read your story. That picture of Anna is great!


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