Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hey everbody!!!!

What's up? Today, well, is Saturday. They are the best! I love sleeping in, hanging out at home with the fam, occasionally going shopping..... and sitting in the rocking chair working on "A New Song" on Pixie. So much fun!!! :D

So a few days ago, I got these AMAZING heels! Two pairs in fact, for ten bucks each. One is a gray suede pair, the other are/is brown (what's the right way to say that?!?!!?) at Kmart, and I am a very very *happy* person! I wore the gray pair last night with a turquoise colored "peasant" looking shirt, 3/quarter length sleeves, a really cool, colorful scarf, and jeans, to my school's middle school play!!!!! So yeps!!! I shall be posting about my new heels, OH AND MY FLIPPIN AWESOME RED NAIL POLISH very very soon! Promise. 

Well, I think that's all. 

What do you enjoy doing on Saturdays?
do tell in a comment. thank you thank you!!!

Lotsa love,
Manda <3


  1. I love Saturdays too! :) I'm glad you got some stuff for cheap. I'm not a big girly girl, I don't really like nail polish, but yeah.

    I love your new blog design!!

  2. You say "is" not "are":) I enjoy Saturdays for sleepin in and doing various fun activites, but Saturday nights are usually when I try to work on all the projects I was suppose to be working on throughout all the well.


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