Monday, March 14, 2011

I think, that Spring has arrived!!!!!

Today, the weather was amazing! In like the 50's, sunny, and with just a hint of a chill. And its only a week till Spring is officially here!!!! Hurray!!!

I worked mainly on school today while my siblings helped Mom and Dad pack up stuff and run errands. Mom gave us the choice of either packing or doing school - I obviously picked doing school over packing. Packing.... yuk!!!!!

So anyhoo, here are some pictures from this afternoon of my siblings outside playing with the dog and shooting some hoops!! Enjoy, and please leave comments. Thanks!


  1. lovin the weather over here too!

  2. lovin the weather over here too!

  3. haha you commented two times!!! thanks :)

  4. Great pics! It looks so sunny! It's nice here too.


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